Monday, July 18, 2011

[Skate] Cody Mc Entire

There's something about Cody Mc, that's making him one of my favorite skaters. Smooth steezy style, great miniramp & street skills. His amazing expertise on the Big Spin, one of the most beatiful tricks when done nicely, his being so extremely modest. Here we go then!
Winning Tampa am 06
Digital's "Smoke n Mirrors"
Cody Mac's Big Spin on Wallenberg

Thrasher's Double Rock when Cody went pro for Think Skateboards
Firing Line (where's the bigspin?)
Love it or Leave it (deffinitely love it!)
Cody Mac's Bigspins are that good, they even have a tribute video


To Tipota said...

i wish i could sk8 like that

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

wow, dudes got made skills. and also i FULLY agree with your previous post. dubstep is SHIT.

Neon said...

This dude has skills!

myelitealtier said...

The guy is pretty graceful. I always wished I could have gone to one of these events!

Also, death to the dub. Please and thank you, lol

blorriepoes said...

i never knew cody could skate like that!

Anonymous said...

Fish Bowl are a must-have of every skate video. It just looks great with every trick.

Mark said...

There are some very good skaters out there, but have to admit I don't think I've heard of this guy before.

gimpel said...

awesome guy!!

Michael Westside said...

Not that impressed by the skating vids. Still love that frigging car you got in your logo tho.